About Me and Large Format Plotters

The large format printing machine industry in Singapore is surely and exciting market. The ability to be a part of this industry with its advanced printing technologies and interesting market dynamics makes this a challenging but deeply fulfilling one.

I have a strong background in both being a customer and in the sales and marketing of large format plotters especially in Singapore. As a previous owner of a printing company i learnt the value of having the right solution for the job requirement.

 You see its all about matching what you want to do with what a machine can do. I have met alot of sales people during my time as an owner of a printing shop and often i would find myself being recommended machines that simply were to expensive, or really not what i needed. I was frustrated at the lack of information that simply presented technical data and extremely confusing jargon. The investment was high and the information available was vauge. I told myself if i ever were to sell machines i would do it differently, better and offer a customer service that would be far above par from what was out there.

So i made my own website focusing strictly on machines in the industry of architectural, engineering and construction this became www.largeformatspecialist.com.sg and now with this blog i can fully express what i feel are the best machines money can buy and why. Since i sell all the major brands i see a broad perspective and have in depth information as to the advantages and disadvantages of each machine. This coupled with my ability to really understand a customers needs by putting myself in their shoes i feel i am able to provide the best perspective on choosing the right machine.

My promise to you is an uncompromising customer service experience, affordable pricing and fast responses, i personally install and set up each machine so put myself in the entire sales cycle. I work saturday's and even sundays if need be. Purchasing a machine from me will assure you that there won't be any call center or automated answering, you will speak to me directly for any problems you have. I believe that the sale doesn't just stop when i sell you a machine it continues long after the sales are made. The most important thing is that i will ensure you are happy with me, my company and my passion...Large format machines.

I look forward to serving all your large format printing. Do contact me for further information

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